What We Provide

Our purpose at Angelic Skin Clinic is to respond to your skin care needs and goals. We do this by offering personalized plans that reveal the beauty and health of your skin and help you maintain it. Some of our non-invasive skin treatments and services include:

Aesthetic Services

Airbrush Spray Tan

Give your pale skin a natural, caramel bronze glow that deepens all day long! Our airbrush stray tan treatments are also a simple way to obtain a natural-looking tan. Each spray tan treatment enriches your skin with vitamins and anti-aging properties, while our fast-dry formula leaves it feeling smooth and hydrated.

Choose the depth of your tan through a personalized consultation with a technician, who will apply each treatment with state-of-the-art spray tan equipment. Our airbrush spray tan treatments are readily available for any of the following:

  • Brides, Grooms, and Bridal Parties
  • Fitness Competitions
  • Photographs (i.e. Senior Pictures, Portfolios, Just for Fun)
  • Parties or Corporate Events

  • Dance Recitals and Competitions
  • Dates, Concerts, or Evening Outs
  • People Sensitive to UV Exposure
  • Pregnant Women*

*Although considered safe for pregnant women, kindly consult with your physician.


Relax and rejuvenate your skin by getting a facial at Angelic Skin Clinic today! We offer a wide range of treatments that best suit your needs.

Intensely Hydrating Chocolate Mousse Facial (45 Minutes) – $50

Indulge in chocolate mousse without the guilt! This facial is specially designed for people with dry skin. It includes a hydrating cleanse and steam bath, followed by a coconut mask that restores and moisturizes the skin. To complete this indulgent facial, we provide a relaxing upper body massage after every service.

Personalized Classic Facial (60 Minutes) – $60

Find the right treatments for your skin by getting a personalized skin analysis! We work closely with the client to ensure that their skin care needs and desired results are fully met. After the analysis, you will receive a deep cleanse, an exfoliating steam bath, and a replenishing mask with facial after the analysis.

For extra indulgence, we complete this facial with a face, décolletage, arm and hand massage. You will surely feel refreshed and renewed after!

Champagne and Ice Wine Facial (60 Minutes) – $65

Feel refreshed and recharged with a Champagne and Ice Wine Facial! This relaxing, sensational facial includes a deep refreshing cleanse, exfoliation with steam bath, an iced wine masque, and an upper body and scalp massage. Here’s a toast to you!

Microdermabrasion (Skin Resurfacing)

Reduce the effects of aging and years of sun exposure on your skin through microdermabrasion! This non-invasive, pain-free treatment improves wrinkles, skin texture, and color by removing the topmost layer of your skin.

Bear in mind that the length and frequency of each treatment may vary depending on your skin type and condition. Results are gradual but highly effective. By undergoing a microdermabrasion treatment, you can:

  • Rejuvenate Sun-Damaged Skin (i.e. Face, Neck, Shoulders, Back, Arms, and Legs)
  • Decrease Age Spots
  • Minimize Blotchy Skin Coloring
  • Remove Acne and Superficial Scars
  • Extract Blackheads and Whiteheads
  • Reduce Oily Skin
  • Improve Overall Skin Health

For people on-the-go, we offer an exfoliation treatment that offers exceptional benefits. This is non-invasive, painless, and requires no downtime from any type of activity.

Juvederm* – $650/Syringe

Smooth away wrinkles around your mouth and nose after having a Juvederm injection. This treatment corrects moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds. With only one treatment, you have natural-looking results that last up to a year!

You may experience mild to moderate side effects that may last up to seven days, including temporary reactions like redness, pain, firmness, swelling, and bumps.

*Not suited for people with severe allergies.

VI Peel

Get rid of acne and blemishes by having a VI Peel! This new generation treatment improves skin tone and texture, stimulates collagen and elastin production. VI Peels also reverse sun damage and the signs of aging. On top of that, it is safe to use on the face, neck, chest, hands, and eye area. Get beautiful results in just one week!


Restore circulation in various body parts with Sclerotherapy. In this treatment, we will inject the sclerosing solution into each affected vein or capillary. This causes the vein to collapse while the body absorbs the vein. Facial and hand veins may be treated as well.


Attain smoother, softer skin with a Botox injection at Angelic Skin Clinic! These don’t require surgery or recovery time, so you’ll see results in an instant!

Laser Services

Laser Hair Removal

Say goodbye to shaving and waxing through our laser hair removal service! For each procedure, we use a long pulse laser that is developed and designed for years of research. Its light and pulse duration are precisely matched to the follicle size, depth, and location in order to prevent the hair from growing.

Our laser hair removals are performed by a doctor or a specially-trained laser specialist, who distributes the light of a long pulse laser onto the skin. It works by disabling hairs that are in their active growth cycle at the time of treatment.

Since hair growth cycles may vary, we recommend six treatments to disable all of the follicles in a given area. These can safely treat all skin types, including tan skin.

Photo Facial

Improve your skin tone and surface imperfections related to again and photo damage through a photo facial at Angelic Skin Clinic! This is a new, non-invasive approach to skin rejuvenation, which utilizes the Gentle Max Pro laser.

Skin Tightening

Firm up your skin at once through our skin tightening treatments! We use a pulsed infrared light source to heat deep thermal tissue. This stimulates collagen that makes the skin tighter, firmer, and younger-looking, especially in the neck and lower face area.

Spider / Varicose Veins Treatment

Come to us if you are bothered by spider veins or varicose veins. Our staff will treat these under your skin’s surface. Schedule a consultation, and we will handle the rest. For optimum results, we recommend more than one laser session.

For more information, kindly call us at 763-497-7546. You may also drop by our medical spa in Maple Grove, Minnesota. We look forward to meet all your skin care needs!